Coolidge Municipal Airport History

The Coolidge Municipal Airport was originally constructed in the early 1940’s by the U.S. Department of the Army. Originally constructed as an air transport command base, Coolidge Army Airfield served as an auxiliary operating base for Williams Field during World War II. The original airfield was constructed with three runways in a triangular configuration. Of these three runways, two remain: Runway 17-35 and Runway 5-23. Numerous support facilities were constructed, of which a 120-foot by 80-foot hangar still remains. On January 19,1950 the airfield was transferred to Pinal County since the airfield was no longer needed by the U.S. Department of the Army. Pinal County owned and operated the airport until 1959 when the City of Coolidge obtained ownership of the airport. On March 2, 1959 the airport was officially transferred from Pinal County ownership to the City of Coolidge.

From 1962 until July 1992, operations at the airport were dominated by training activities of T-37 jet aircraft based at Williams Air Force Base. The Air Force had a lease agreement with the City of Coolidge for four parcels of land and joint use of the main runways and taxiways in return for the continued maintenance and upkeep of the main runway and taxiway. In addition, they constructed several facilities along the runway and apron to support their operations. The Air Force lease was terminated in July 1992 and training operations at the airport ceased in June 1992. Williams Air Force Base was closed in late 1993.


Coolidge aviators, officials work to save WWII hangar. Click here to read more.

We are looking for more information and photos of the Coolidge airport from the 1940s when it was an active military base.